First aid

First Aid Courses

First Aid at Work

A 3 day first aid course for workplace first aiders. This course meets HSE requirements and gives an excellent grounding in first aid. 

Emergency First Aid at Work

A one day first aid course for emergency first aiders in the workplace or anyone requiring an introduction to lifesaving first aid techniques.  

First Aid at Work (Annual refresher)

The HSE recommend that all workplace first aiders undertake annual refresher training. This half day course meets the requirement for this training. 

Basic Life Support (BLS)

This short half-day course covers the principles of Basic Life Support and the safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator. 

Paediatric First Aid

This two day course explores childhood conditions and injuries and meets Ofsted and EYFS framework requirements for schools and childcare settings. 

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

This one day course focuses on common childhood injuries and illnesses and is perfect for those who care for children in any capacity. 

Activity First Aid

A two day course designed for those involved with outdoor activities, cadet forces, scout groups, youth work and sports activities. 

First Aid Essentials

A one-day first aid course suitable for all, giving an introduction into lifesaving techniques for home and everyday life.